DriWater provides drought relief for plants

Apr 8, 2014 8:18 PM

With this year’s drought water is on the minds of everyone. A bay area company called DriWater is the solution to watering both indoor and outdoor plants. The all natural gel is applied to the base of the plant and then you let it work its magic. "When that product touches soil, there's natural enzymes in the soil that eat away at those food grade binders and release the water over an extended period of time," explained Joe Paternoster, Manager Member of DriWater.

Until now the product has mainly been used by water agencies, flood control districts, and Caltrans. "When they do freeway projects or roadside work and they need to plant, let's say an oleander up in the valley, they can put one of these units next to the oleander and it'll water it for up to 3 months," explained Paternoster. Besides the benefits of saving water, DriWater can also be used to keep you plants healthy when you're away for long periods of time. "When you're going to be traveling the last thing you want to worry about is your plants or having people in your house, forget to lock up, leave the water on, or one of those issues. So we make these Gelpacs that you just put right on top of the plants when you leave."

Experts at nurseries across the North State say the water shortage is a common topic for customers when buying new plants. “We're seeing a lot of people going towards reducing their water use or going towards xeriscaping for their landscapes and I think it's definitely going to be more popular this year because everyone is going to be paying more for water and trying to reduce what they're using," said Chris Wren of Magnolia Gift and Garden. With a single Gelpac costing less than $2, it's something that most people can afford. "It's not a messy product or anything like that. And it's very cheap so it's not like it's out of the reach of everyday consumers and I definitely think it's going to be an important thing this year."

DriWater is all natural and made of 98% water and 2% food grade binders, which is the same thing you'd find in mayonnaise, ice cream, peanut butter, and sauces, giving it the gel consistency.

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