Driver Dies After Crash into Canal

Apr 9, 2016 1:40 AM by Anthony Peters

Authorities recovered the body of a man after his car drove off the end of Grand Avenue and into a canal of the Thermalito Afterbay.
The Butte County Sheriff's Department was first alerted by the Department of Water Resources around two this afternoon when workers noticed car parts floating down the canal. When deputies responded, the found evidence of a car leaving Grand Avenue, crashing through a fence and into the canal. Crews from the DART team, sheriff's office, CHP and Cal Fire were able to recover the car and the body of the driver.
As of right now, authorities are unsure why the driver left the road.

"We don't have any information on what led to the accident," Butte County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Miranda Bowersox said. "We do believe it was the one car involved at this point but like i said we are continuing the investigation and we don't have much more information we can provide at this time."

Authorities have yet to identify the body of the driver of the vehicle. Authorities have not released any information on the make or model of the car. Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact the butte county sheriff's department or the c-h-p


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