Dream prom for two special needs teens

May 11, 2014 8:40 PM

It was a magical night for four Chico High School students. Seniors Janessa Smith and Brionna Wiman decided that they'd had a typical prom experience already, and wanted the final prom for their senior year to be special for their friends, Gavin and Silas. They'd gotten to know the boys, who were both special needs, and they were all very fond of each other. So the girls invited the boys to prom using big cardboard signs and marker.
Gavin and Silas were thrilled to get dressed up, get their pictures taken, enjoy a special dinner at the Olive Garden, and dance the night away. Says Janessa of Gavin, "He's the happiest guy I know. He's a really good best friend. He never puts you down. He always makes you feel worthy of Gavin." Janessa says she had been to prom the year prior with a boyfriend, and she wanted to make sure Gavin got to attend his prom. She and Brionna were worried that if they didn't ask them, then the boys wouldn't get to go at all. Janessa says, "I thought it was time for Gavin to have his prom, and dance, and feel like 'I went to prom!'"
Gavin's mother says the boys were very popular at the dance, and let loose on the dance floor with many of the girls.


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