Dozens gather to support Measure B in Redding

Sep 24, 2014 7:49 PM by Angela Musallam

Redding's Measure B has been causing quite a stir over the last several months -- if passed, it's a land deal that would allow construction of a four-star hotel next to Turtle Bay.

There was a lot of cheering and hollering at today's rally, as dozens of supporters from around the city came to continue their push for what they call a brighter future.

"This has become more than a campaign about a single land sale."

More than just a campaign -- it's become a full-on movement with these light blue signs -- "Yes on Measure B".

It's the latest effort by Revive Redding to bring awareness to Turtle Bay's financial state.

"The city stopped funding Turtle Bay in 2011 -- since then they've had to come up with a way to make up for that funding, and the hotel project is exactly what they're looking for to do that."

Earlier this year, the McConnell Foundation placed a bid to purchase the lot to prepare for the construction of a four-star Sheraton hotel.

If Measure B passes in the November election, revenue from the new hotel would help fund Turtle Bay and the city.

"We just wanna put people to work...we wanna build a hotel, we wanna put 40 guys to work...that's our major focus...we think it's good for the community and we think it's good for our organization."

It goes further than that..though -- the measure would create hundreds of construction jobs.

"We need jobs here really badly."

But the measure has drawn opposition from the day it was proposed.

"We believe that this land is being sold for pennies on the dollar."

REVOLT leader Tom Curato says the land was purchased at an unfair price, and construction crews must be compensated for prevailing wages.

"The bottom line is, this is really all about the land sale and nothing more."

Curato says business owners have approached him saying they too are against Measure B, but they won't come out publicly for fear of retaliation.

But city officials say the land belonged to the city before McConnell bought it -- making it private land -- meaning prevailing wages won't apply if the measure passes.

"This is our time, our moment, our chance to revive Redding."

Supporters of Measure B say they'll continue to rally.
The co-chair of Revive Redding says a construction company has already won a previous bid to begin the project -- all that's needed now is a winning vote.

To learn more about who is supporting and opposing Measure B, visit the links below:


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