Dozens cited during "Measure A" enforcement in Thermalito

Aug 13, 2015 5:53 PM by News Staff

With the summer months beginning to wind down and the typical marijuana harvest season around the corner, Butte County enforcement officers went door-to-door inspecting 38 residences in Thermalito to ensure their medical marijuana grows were within county regulations.
"We contacted 38 properties that were known to have medical marijuana grows and went door to door to issue citations," Butte County code enforcement supervisor Chris Jellison said.
The neighborhood has been a known high volume area for grows and code enforcement officers visited the neighborhood in February to answer any questions on the regulations.
"Like i said, this was a neighborhood we already went to in February and did education," Jellison said. "We explained the new ordinance and told them what they could and could not do. and these residences did what they should not do."
Jellison says code enforcement officers have been extremely busy this year, with close to 950 cases investigated so far.
"Measure 'A' has kept code enforcement very busy. A lot of them have been anonymous, so i think we're a little under a thousand complaints so far, where as last year we only had 178," he said.
The neighborhood sweep went so well, they are planning to visit three or four more neighborhoods in the near future.
"The sweep is so successful there will be future sweeps. not in this area but there will be future sweeps in different areas," Jellison said.


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