Downtown Redding Businesses Hit By Vandal

Jun 25, 2013 7:39 PM

For the family-owned businesses that make their homes in Downtown Redding, even a small act of vandalism can be a large setback, both financially and otherwise.

36-year-old Leticia Reyes was arrested yesterday for allegedly smashing the windows of at least eight businesses and several vehicles.

Reyes is charged with felony vandalism and violating probation, and it turns out she recently served time for a similar offense in November.

"They located several businesses, between eight and ten at least, which had several broken windows, some extensive damage," said Redding Police Sergeant Mike Woods.

Neighbors who witnessed the incident say that the suspect used large decorative rocks to break almost 30 windows in the area.

Robin Clinton, who owns a salon in the area, rushed down to fix the damage before it could affect her clients.

“I had glass from the window out past my sink and especially all over my plants and my couch, took me about until 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon to clean up the mess," said Clinton.

Other businesses weren't so lucky.

Vintage Wine Bar and Restaurant is still in the process of pulling together money. It will cost about $2,400 to repair six big windows and their front door.

"We're a restaurant, we don't have a ton of money," said co-owner Janis Logan.

For business owners like Logan, there is no choice but to stay positive.

"We've been here seven years, so I'm trying to turn it around and say she broke one window for each year that we've been in business, and celebrate this Saturday with our seven year anniversary party," she said.


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