Downtown patrols in place for holiday season, city leaders exploring future options

Nov 13, 2014 7:12 PM by Brian Johnson

Boots have hit the ground in downtown Chico, and will be in place for at least the next two months.

Through mandatory overtime, Chico Police was able to put two officers on the downtown shift Monday through Thursday, complemented by two armed guards hired by the Downtown Chico Business Association.

City leaders say the staffing is part of a bigger plan to keep downtown clean and safe during the holiday season and beyond.

"The bottom line is you have a presence downtown now," said City Manager Mark Orme, who also said the city will be exploring operational strategies for after the holiday season. "And that's what our ultimate goal was, to ensure we have a presence that's local and that's going to be enforcing our local laws here downtown."

"There is going to be a constant presence seven days a week," DCBA Director Melanie Basset said. "If we need to increase our night hours, we'll do that as well."

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