Downtown Chico Vandalized with Chalk

Jun 16, 2013 6:56 PM

Some downtown Chico businesses received a rude welcome to work Sunday morning.

Someone or some group vandalized the sidewalks near Third and Main Streets with chalk; writing things about high prices and high rent, a dislike for parking meters and the comfort of the mall’s climate.

Anita Homesley works at Tomfoolery in downtown Chico where vandals wrote outside her place of business. She spent part of her shift away from customers in an attempt to wash the chalk from the sidewalk.

“This is our town. This is Chico. We shouldn't have to deal with people like this,” Homesley said. “At least it is chalk and not paint; but it’s still vandalism and it is wrong. It’s not the adult way of dealing with issues.”

According to Chico Police, since chalk is not permanent this writing on the sidewalk is not considered a crime.


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