Downtown Ambassadors to Work with R-Town

Oct 24, 2013 8:13 PM

“All different angles, all same objective.”

That's how William Reick sees the current state of downtown Chico.

He also liked what he saw Thursday afternoon in the plaza.

“This is the cleanest I've seen it. The stage is clear, nothing on the lawns---attribute it to a lot of action being taken,” Reick said.

Downtown Ambassadors are a group of volunteers that's served as an intermediary between businesses and the homeless downtown since April.

“They have an impact, a positive impact in the downtown area,” Chico Police Chief Kirk Trostle said.

But some, like Councilmember Randall Stone, have called into question the effectiveness of the ambassadors.

Reick his team of volunteers can't do it all; they're only one piece of the puzzle.

“We're not officers. So sometimes all it takes is a uniform; it creates a presence. And I think it will complement our efforts.”

He's talking about the new coalition known as R-Town, which will hire armed guards to protect private property downtown.

So while R-Town may bring the muscle, they'll continue to rely on services like the ambassadors

“We want this to be such that everybody can work together; nobody else will step on anybody's toes,” said

“I’m going to donate to them to help us during the holiday season. And hopefully people understand how hard we're trying to get business back downtown….” Brenda Bergland said, Owner of Downtown Salon and Gallery.

Chief Trostle said that within two weeks, two bike patrol officers will be put in place downtown to enforce city and state laws.

No word on exactly when those security offices will be put in place, but it will start in November and they have already chosen a security company.


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