Donald Clark Found Competent to Stand Trial

Nov 20, 2013 3:06 PM

The 72-year-old Centerville man charged with the murders of three people from Sacramento has been deemed “mentally competent” by doctors to stand trial.

Clark has been formally charged with the murders of 17-year-old Richard Jones, 15-year-old Roland Lowe, and 46-year-old Collen Lowe, all from Sacramento. Clark has also been charged with one count of arson. He pled not guilty to the charges on June 25.

On the early morning of June 13, 2013, Butte County Sheriffs located an Acura in flames on the Skyway near Hupp-Coutelanc Road north of Magalia. After extinguishing the flames officials found three bodies inside who were eventually identified as the three previously mentioned victims. According to Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey, Jones had stayed at Clark’s residence in previous summers, but reportedly had a falling out with Clark last year after Clark accused Jones of stealing.

The prosecution will make its case that the victims drove to Clark’s residence from Sacramento where he shot them, then loaded the victims into their car, drove the vehicle yo Hupp-Coutelenc Road, set the car ablaze, then rode a bicycle he brought with him back to his residence.

Clark’s next court date is December 11 for a preliminary hearing.


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