Domestic Violence Shelter In The Works

Jul 6, 2010 8:00 PM

A new shelter could soon be on the way for victims of domestic violence in Glenn County. It would be run by the Westside Domestic Violence Shelter. As of right now, there is no place for victims of domestic violence to go. "Our mission is to break the cycle of domestic violence in our county, which is quite prevalent," Gloria Irwin, Westside Domestic Violence Shelter Director stated.

The Glenn County Human Resource Agency Director says they are currently applying for a grant totaling about a million dollars. If approved, the money will be used to buy a safe house for those recovering from domestic violence. In addition, a second home will be purchased to provide transitional housing for homeless people with families. Unity in Recovery would run that home. Director Glenn Myers says it is a much needed service because there is currently an overflow of residents in the other two homes the organization runs. "They come in broken down and no self-esteem, not working, don't think they can get a job and when they leave it's really wonderful to see them. They hold their head high and are proud of what they doing, it's a good feeling," Myers explained. It is also a good feeling for those whose lives it has already changed. "It's just amazing to give back to the county what was so freely given to people that need help like us," Unity House graduate Hannah Reed said.

"I am very thankful because I know if I wouldn't have went there I would be using again and I would probably be back in prison," Unity Men's House resident Gaylan Ponciano stated.

The grant is a ten year loan that will be forgiven at the end of the decade if the homes are successfully managed. HRA will know by October if it will receive the grant.


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