Domestic Violence Fines

Jul 13, 2010 7:52 PM

" Catalyst is thrilled that you would be considering on imposing a secondary fee on batterers through the restitution. We would like to encourage the board to consider Catalyst as a recipient of those funds" stated Anastacia Snyder, the Executive Director for Catalyst. While at Tuesday mornings Butte County Supervisors meeting, she was hopeful her organization would receive more funding. Unfortunately for Catalyst, that didn't happen. The Butte County Board of Supervisors did approve a fee increase of $250 on all those convicted of domestic violence, increasing the total to $400. However, Catalyst will not see one cent of those new funds. Instead, in what some would call a surprise move, it was allocated to the Butte County District Attorney's office, and it's domestic violence counselor.
" We are providing direct services in preventing further domestic violence by intervening in these actions, Catalyst doesn't intervene as such" Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey said. Ramsey claims more victims will benefit by having access to this counselor, who's job was at risk because of budget cuts. " She makes the program work, she makes the victims safer in Butte County in a way that Catalyst cannot" Ramsey said.
Ramsey also stated that his office works well with Catalyst and he appreciates their work, but he hopes the funding will help provide more crisis counseling and court advocacy. " Catalyst has their prevention services which are valuable, but their basically outside of the court system" Ramsey stated.
Catalyst Executive Director Anastacia Snyder was upset as she left the meeting. Action news spoke with her Monday about her organization possibly receiving the money. " I think it's exciting that the county is even considering doing this particular fee hike especially because the dollars are designed for prevention services. Prevention is one of the most funded activities in the Sate of California" Snyder said Monday.
Ramsey claims that Catalyst receives enough funding to keep them afloat, while his office struggles for funding in the domestic violence area. " They get a great deal of funding from other services, we do not" Ramsey stated.


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