Doctor tests positive for Ebola in NYC

Oct 23, 2014 7:46 PM by CBS News

NEW YORK - The health care worker who recently had been to West Africa and was being tested for Ebola in New York City Thursday, has tested positive for the virus officials at Bellevue Hospital said.

The man, confirmed by CBS News as Dr. Craig Spencer, 31, who worked with the aid group Doctors Without Borders, had quarantined himself after coming down with a fever and abdominal pains and was later transported to Bellevue, one of eight hospitals in New York State with specialized Ebola units.

Spencer, who works in emergency medicine at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital, is believed to have treated Ebola patients in Guinea, the station reports.

What makes this case different from other cases that have turned out to be false alarms is that this patient reportedly returned from West Africa within the last two weeks, according to CBS News chief medical correspondent, Dr. Jon LaPook. That is the time symptoms most often begin to appear and Spencer is showing some of those symptoms.


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