Doctor charged with lying to CHP officer over speeding ticket

Mar 21, 2014 11:13 AM

An infraction speeding ticket turned into a felony fraud charge for a San Francisco doctor who prosecutors say lied to a CHP officer and then lied in court while trying to get out of a speeding ticket in Chico. Dr. Nickesh Pravin Shah, 46, was pulled over in April, 2013, driving 95mph on northbound Highway 99 near Estates Drive. Shah reportedly told the officer he was on en route to a medical emergency at a Chico medical clinic. District Attorney Mike Ramsey says the officer later called that medical clinic only to find out there was no emergency and Shah was simply late to work. Shah was issued a speeding ticket. Two weeks later, Shah reportedly submitted a false letter to Ramsey's office stating there was in fact a medical emergency, hoping to have the ticket dismissed. In January, Shah was ordered to pay the $500 speeding ticket and a felony charge of preparing false evidence was also added. Thursday, Shah waived his right to a preliminary hearing and acknowledged there was sufficient evidence to send his case on to a felony jury trial.

District Attorney Mike Ramsey released this statement Thursday evening, "Our office's mission statement is to do justice, as no one is above the law nor beneath its protection. Justice requires that we take seriously any attempt to subvert our court system by submitting false evidence. This doctor lied his way from a simple infraction and fine into a felony and potentially three years in county prison."


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