Displaced residents in Bully Fire anxious to return home

Jul 12, 2014 8:29 PM by Charlene Cheng

Becky Rome has a message for her husband.

"I love you. Happy birthday. We'll be here, in this county, somewhere," she said.

While her husband is at home alone on his 54th birthday, Becky and her son are waiting outside of the the Ono Store, waiting for road closures to be lifted so they can return to their house.

They went out to run errands yesterday, and while they were out, a fire broke out right down the street.

"We didn't know anything about it until like 20 to 7 yesterday when my sister-in-law from Oroville called, and wanted to know if we were okay, and I was 'Yeah, why?' and she said, 'Because there's a big fire by you guys,' and I tried calling my husband and the phone lines were already gone," Becky said.

Becky's son Billy says that incidents like this make him appreciate time with his family.

During the 2008 Moon Fire, his father was the one who couldn't get back home.

"We've missed birthdays and stuff before because of stuff like this happening. Living out here it tends to happen, got plans and usually fires tend to change all that," Billy said.

One of the Romes' neighbors is in a similar situation.

He's just grateful that his dog was with him when he left his house yesterday.

"When your loves ones are all accounted for and your animals are all safe, materials can always be replaced, even things like family photos and stuff like that. They might be irreplaceable, but they're still just things," Nick Cucek said.

There's an evacuation center set up at Grant School on Swasey Drive.

Red Cross officials say they'll stay open for as long as they're needed.


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