Did drug use lead to pregnant mother being stranded?

Jul 24, 2015 2:36 PM by News Staff

New information has been released about how a pregnant Butte County woman got lost and stranded in the foothills, where she ended up giving birth three days before being rescued.

Amber Pangborn told a Chico-Enterprise Record reporter in a report published Friday that she took methamphetamine while stranded in the Plumas National Forest, after she gave birth to her baby Marissa. Pangborn said she took the meth to get an energy boost.

According to the story, Pangborn said that Child Protective services placed her infant in foster care after she, and her baby reportedly tested positive for meth. She is trying to regain custody.

Action News Now contacted Pangborn over the phone Friday morning to ask her if drugs had anything to do with her getting lost in the forest on June 24, but she refused to comment.

Pangborn’s story received national media attention after her rescue, which included her lighting a fire that signaled rescue crews to her and her baby’s location.

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