Destination Halloween

Oct 15, 2010 8:31 PM

Holiday weekends in chico are notorious for their parties, but the problem is that they don't stay local. They attract many out-of-towners who do not have the same chico pride as local residents. Chico Police Lieutenant, linda dye, says she's concerned about the upcoming halloween weekend.

Linda Dye says, "it is getting too big and we need to have everyone work to try to keep it safe." Local police encourage the town to "keep it chico" on Halloween weekend, because 50-75% of arrests during that weekend are out-of-towners. Even with 90 police officers, 6 horses, help from surrounding counties and alcohol beverage control, the crowds get too big to handle.

Linda says, "As the crowds swell, it becomes impossible for us to guarantee everyone's safety on a night like Halloween." Top Shelf Productions is a Chico party promoter that put out a Facebook event for a "three day long Halloween party". Within four days ... 6,000 people clicked to attend the event. Police say this event is promoting chico as a party destination for Halloween weekend, and although it seems like top shelf is recruiting out-of-towners to join the party, they say that's not so.

Marcelo says, "Out-of-towners are always a problem. They were going to come regardless of if we put up an event page or not. So I think it's better that there is an event page that takes initiative of letting out-of-towners know what not to do."

As for Chico police, dye says they're not trying to ruin the fun...they're just working everyone safe. Linda says, "We want to see that type of Halloween weekend where everyone's safe and sane".


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