Deserving Pets Rescue

Jun 2, 2010 7:40 PM

"This is the last chance, this is the only chance that they have at finding themselves a home" expressed Melanie Baumgartner, a Veterinary Technician for Valley Veterinary Clinic. And it was Violet's last chance too. The one year old Terrier mix was picked up by Tehama County Animal Control officers. She had two broken front legs, and it seemed her fate was sealed.
"There's really nothing that could have happened for her, if she would have went back to the shelter she would have been euthanized" explained Baumgartner. But thanks to the staff at Valley Veterinary Clinic, that didn't happen. Several clinic employees have formed their own organization "Deserving Pets Rescue.
Their goal is to rehabilitate and foster animals that would otherwise be put down.
Violet's not the only one benefiting from the clinic's generosity, strayed and injured animals are given a second chance at life.
A cat named Singey was rescued more than four years ago with severe burns on her face and body, and now she lives at the clinic. The clinic currently has more than thirty animals under its care, all of which will eventually be up for adoption.
Longtime client Lynda Piercy says she's grateful for the service and staff at this Red Bluff Clinic. "You're never inconveniencing them, it's always bring the dog in if the dog needs help, that's what they do, they want you to bring the dog right in and help it, or the animal, the cat or whatever it is" explained Piercy.
And the employees have become the best friends to dozens of animals who are now getting a big break. "They can make great companions, great pets, just give these animals a chance since otherwise they wouldn't have any at all" stated owner of Valley Veterinary Clinic, Debbie Fox.


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