DeGarmo Park Playground Vandalized: Closed 30 Days

Jun 24, 2013 7:21 PM

A Chico park remains closed due to excessive vandalism.

DeGarmo Community Park’s playground is still fenced up and locked following a string of destructive incidents.

We first reported this story over the weekend. But after speaking with city officials on Monday, we learned the damage was a lot more serious than originally thought.

“It’s an ongoing challenge with vandalism nowadays,” Chico Area Recreation and Park District’s Chris Mahoney. “We've been trying to patch it as we go, but it got to the point where we have to close it down and let them cure properly.”

The cost to repair vandalism continues to pile up.

So far this year, the City of Chico has spent more than $12,000 to repair vandalism in its park.

It will spend another $500 to rent the fence at DeGarmo Community Park.


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