Debt-Ceiling Worries Local Seniors

Aug 1, 2011 7:20 PM

It's been a long drawn out process for Americans, who could do nothing more than wait for congressional leaders to come to some sort of compromise over the nations debt ceiling. And though it appears the dust is finally settling, some are still wary. " It's going to get a lot worse before it gets better", said Oakmont resident Bob Brown. Brown is just one of many seniors living at the Oakmont Retirement Community that is outraged over the amount of time it has taken to strike a deal for the debt ceiling. And he says the younger generations will be the ones paying for it in the end. " There's no way you guys can survive, there just isn't anyway it can be paid off", said Brown.
Many seniors are also still worried for their benefits. Social security, medicare and veterans benefits appear to be saved from automatic cuts for now, but they worry their checks could one day stop coming. " I know it's deposited this month, but I don't know about the future", said Oakmont resident Mae Walden. Oakmont resident Rosalba Velasco adds " If you think my check isn't gonna come in, how am I gonna survive this month, how am I gonna pay my rent, how am I gonna pay the rent here, it's scary".
Some are even astonished at the lack of compromise shown by our nation's leaders. " When they swear a new legislator in, they should swear to compromise, otherwise they're on the wrong field", said Oakmont resident Marilyn. For many of these seniors, the uphill battle to strike a deal has tarnished their faith in the legislation, and in those ultimately deciding their fate. " I can't say I trust them", said Weldon. Marilyn adds, " It's their way or no way and that's not sad, that's not what the nation was built on".


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