Daylight Savings Time Affects The North State

Mar 10, 2013 7:07 PM

If you were late to an engagement Sunday morning then you might want to check your clocks to make sure the time is correct. Sunday morning at two was when daylight savings time began which means having to move your clock ahead one hour.
The coffee shop Bidwell Perk was packed with people getting their caffeine fix after losing an hour of sleep from daylight saving time. The manager of the coffee shop says she's definitely noticed a difference in the amount of customers coming in during the morning.
According to The Better Sleep Council's survey, 74-percent of workers over the age of 30 are less productive without sleep and result to a poor work performance. Thankfully the Perk employees didn't have that issue. a few Bidwell Perk customers say they forgot to turn their clocks an hour ahead but were lucky not to miss any occasions they had planned. Also according to The Better Sleep Council's survey 40-percent of United States adults say it takes them a week or more to get back to normal after resetting their clocks.


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