Data shows high collision rate in Red Bluff

Oct 1, 2014 7:24 PM

According to the California Office of Public Safety Red Bluff has one of the highest collision rates in the State of California per capita.

"It has us ranking very high for cities of similar sizes and bicycle collisions and pedestrian collisions resulting in an injury." says Red Bluff Police Officer Kevin Busekist.

Busekist says the Red Bluff Police Department is taking action. They plan to combat the high collision rate by stepping up enforcement on a number of vehicle code violations that have been factors in collisions with bicyclists in the past.

"Officers will be focused on juveniles not wearing helmets, riding against traffic on the wrong side of the road, vehicles not obeying stop signs, red light violations."

Busekits says the rate doesn't have to be so high. The departments goal is to decrease the number of collisions resulting in injuries and to ultimately reduce the number of deaths on the road.


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