Dashcam Shows Robber's Poor Timing

Mar 10, 2016 5:25 PM by NBC News

A would-be robber in Pennsylvania had poor timing when he pulled a gun on his taxi driver with a sheriff's deputy behind him, police say.

A Berks County sheriff's deputy approached the cab after it failed to move through a green light Monday afternoon in Reading.

Surveillance video from inside the cab shows the deputy's cruiser pulling up behind the Reading Metro taxi on a city street. Shortly after that, a passenger in the back seat wearing a white hoodie and a mask covering his face aims a gun at the driver through the partition.

"There's a cop behind us," the driver says.

The robber apparently tries to get out of the taxi and run as Deputy Terry Ely asks if there's a problem. Seeing the gun, Ely draws his firearm and orders the suspect out of the taxi then calls for backup.

The cab driver can be heard telling Ely, "You're a lifesaver."


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