Dashcam shows Ohio mom leads police on wild chase before making dramatic escape out of hotel window

May 10, 2016 3:00 PM by News Staff

An Ohio mother is on the run after leading Springdale Police on a chase so dangerous patrol cars had to stop because of safety concerns for the public and the young child in the suspect's van.

Erica Barreiro-Rapp was in mayor's court for minor local charges when she found out she had felony warrants out of Kentucky for a concealed weapons violation and heroin use.

Barreiro-Rapp left the courtroom and headed toward her van.

"One of our duty officers for day shift tried to stop her. She jumped in her car and took off into the neighborhoods," Springdale Police Lt. Michael Ott said.

Springdale cruiser cam shows the van backing away from police then turning and running through yards to get away.


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