Dan Logue introduces legislation aimed at holding mental health programs accountable

Feb 25, 2014 12:01 PM

North State Assemblymen Dan Logue and Brian Nestande have brought forth new legislation aimed at holding the counties that receive mental health funding accountable.

In 2012 the State Auditor found that none of the agencies responsible for oversight of Prop. 63 had “undertaken serious efforts” to evaluate the effectiveness of mental health programs receiving the funding. In addition, the audit found there was no way to determine if the mental health programs are working or not.

The state has failed to properly monitor more than $7 billion in voter-approved money for mental health programs from California's extra tax on millionaires and cannot reassure the public that it is going to help those most in need.

In light of these findings Logue and Nestande introduced legislation last week to bring transparency and accountability to the county mental health services being funded through the Mental Health Services Act.

Logue said that “There are people out there who need serious treatment for mental health issues, and if the taxpayers are paying for that treatment, we should see results.” “There is tremendous need for increased oversight for Prop 63 funds which our legislation will address by improving accountability while ensuring taxpayer funds are dedicated to their intended purpose,” added Assemblyman Nestande.

This new legislation will require counties that receive funding through the mental health services fund to establish and report baseline measures for their programs.

Proposition 63 was approved by voters in 2004 and placed a 1% income tax on personal incomes over $1million.


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