DA Says RBPD Justified in Killing Stevens

Apr 17, 2013 3:08 PM

Officials say Red Bluff Police were justified in shooting and killing 25-year-old Adam Stevens last week. Tehama County District Attorney Gregg Cohen made the announcement Wednesday morning.

"{There was} no criminal wrong doing on the part of any of the personnel employed by the RBPD who deployed their weapons during this tragic incident," said Cohen.

Cohen added that officers acted in accordance with the law when they responded to deadly force with deadly force.

The shooting happened early on the morning of April 11th. Police responded to an apartment on 850 Kimball Road for a 911 call. The first officers on scene spotted Stevens, a wanted parolee, on the balcony of a residence.

Throughout the encounter, Stevens was heard saying that he was not getting down and he was not going back to prison.

Officers tried to subdue Stevens with non-lethal bean-bag rounds, but they had little effect. Police went upstairs to try and detain Stevens, they used pepper spray to try and subdue him, but it had little effect.

Eventually, Stevens lunged at officers with a knife and there were forced to shoot him. Officials did not say how many times, or by how many officers Stevens was shot.

Police chief Paul Nanfito also announced Wednesday that his officers acted in accordance with department policy when they used deadly force.

Family and friends of the Stevens were not satisfied by the answers they received from Chief Nanfito and DA Cohen. They questioned why lethal force was used, and why Stevens had to be shot multiple times.

Chief Nanfito said he is not releasing the name of the officers that were involved in the shooting because there has been chatter concerning officer safety. If the threats prove to be empty, their names could be released at a later date.


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