Cyclists React to Disgraced Armstrong

Jan 18, 2013 7:59 PM

For cycling fans, Lance Armstrong's admission came as a bit of a shock. Not because it was unbelievable that he doped, but because he adamantly denied the charges for so long.

For many years, cyclists have defended the racing legend because he was part of a beautiful comeback story. An athlete who beat cancer to win it all.. But now the story is different.

It was a bit of a solemn day at The Bike Shop in Redding. Owner Ryan Cooper was disappointed that his idol is now disgraced.

“You get behind somebody that has emphatically denied for so long that to see him sit there and tell the truth was surprising,” said Cooper.

Cooper and his wife believed Armstrong was the exception in a sport riddle with doping, but their resolve started to crumble last year.

“When George Hincapie and all of his teammates were coming forward and taking their suspensions, I thought, well, it is not going to be long until the top card falls,” said Cooper.

While Cooper says Lance may be disgraced as a cyclist, he is not entirely upset with him because of all of the good he has done. Armstrong has used little yellow bands to help countless victims of cancer.

“I think ultimately Armstrong has made more of a positive impact on not only cancer, people fighting cancer and people who have survived cancer but also for people like myself and cycling and enthusiast that would watch the tour and then gosh, let’s go for a bike ride,” said Cooper.

“We will still be out riding around in our colorful garb and our tights,” said Wes Reynolds, a Cyclist.

Cyclist credit Armstrong with a rise in ridership but say, what they do is different from what he does.

“Unfortunately I think he hurt the overall sport of cycling but I don’t think he hurt cycling in general, the sport is a little bit different than general cycling,” said Reynolds.

Former fans of Armstrong say tonight they want to hear a sincere apology from the athlete to all the people that supported him over the years, including his family.


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