Cycle City Soup Company Hits the Streets of Chico

Sep 5, 2012 10:00 AM

A new business is rolling through the streets of Chico, literally. Since June, Cycle City Soup Company has been hitting the pavement delivering lunch to people and businesses all over Chico via bicycle. Dori Moura and Sally Keenan decided to start their own business when they saw the opportunity to make healthy food using all local ingredients.

"People are passionate about soup, we have discovered, and soup is a fantastic showcase for the agriculture in this area," says Moura.

Moura and Keenan take orders all week before heading to the Saturday Farmers Market to do their shopping. Sunday is spent in the kitchen stirring up fresh, seasonal soups and doing all the prep work for the week ahead. Come Tuesday, it's time for delivery drivers to hit the road on their electric bicycles and get their orders out to customers. A new menu is posted each week, starting the process all over again, and keeping customers like Valerie Reddemann coming back for more.

"They're so passionate about the ingredients that go behind it. The recipes are amazing, the flavors are amazing and I just love the commitment to locally grown food," she says.

Customers say they not only appreciate the company's use of local produce, but they also like its green approach to business.

"It helps obviously to reduce the carbon footprint and gets people out on bikes more. I just think it's a really great business model," says Reddemann.

Although the company has only been in business a few months, they're starting to see their client list grow, prompting Moura and Keenan to recruit help from family members.

"It's really important to have a business that we can grow and that our kids can take over when they get older. We know it's rough out there for kids starting out. We want them to be able to grow up, move into the soup business, and keep this going for a good long time," says Moura.

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