Cyber Monday in the North State

Dec 2, 2013 8:43 PM

Cyber Monday isn't all about big retailers like Amazon and Best Buy. It's a big day for some local businesses too. Many shoppers across the country are taking advantage of more holiday deals but today they don't even have to leave their home.

Online retailers across the country geared up this morning to continue holiday deals from this weekend. Some local companies like had their staff ready to go for the influx of customers. "We're firing all cylinders. A lot of us have been here since 4 am. Cyber Monday represents the largest online shopping day of the year and we want everybody here creating the best possible experience for our customers," said Mike Martin, Director of Training for

For most retailers, they wait all year for Black Friday but online retailers wait for Cyber Monday. "As far as sales, it rivals Black Friday and we've grown from year to year. So this year looks like it's going to beat last year, just based on the orders and revenue that are coming in," said Jason Sams, PR Coordinator for A Main Hobbies.

With people being more tech savvy and preferring to shop online, customers can search and purchase items in many different ways. "We're seeing a lot of traffic from mobile devices and iPads and iPhones. So we're definitely just scratching the surface on what our customer base wants," said Martin.

"Cyber Monday is huge because we acquire a lot of new customers. We go after new customers that are searching for holiday gifts and it’s nice because we'll bring in new customers and they usually stay with us," said Sams.

With sales continuing to climb every year, online retailers are optimistic about the future. "I think that it's definitely going to continue to get bigger," said Martin.


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