Cuts to arts programs expected in Chico

Feb 5, 2014 6:16 PM

The city of Chico may soon have to realize its deficit in its general fund.

Aside from cuts to jobs and salaries, that could mean cuts to the arts.

In response, the Chico Arts commission is going forward with a study, being conducted by Americans for the Arts.

It hopes to prove the economic impact local arts have on the local economy.

The Chico Art Center received $8,800 for this fiscal year.

That makes up a tenth of their budget.

With the city's budget situation and deficit, the art center is expecting no funding for next fiscal year.

“Public employees and public service jobs of course, come number one,” Art Center volunteer Erin Wells said. “And nobody's saying we don't. But we all have an equal role in the survival, and in the promotion in the city of Chico.”

Chico City Clerk Deborah Presson said the finance committee will have to start making decisions next month to really get the ball rolling.

Commission spokesperson Muir Hughes said the study is in the beginning phases and audience members of shows should expect short surveys through the rest of the year.


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