CUSD Agreement

Jun 22, 2010 7:46 PM

" We reached a tentative agreement after several negotiation sessions between CSEA Chapter 110, classified employees and the district dealing with a number of issues, many of which will ultimately save the district some money over the next three years" explained Bob Feaster, Chico Unified School District Assistant Superintendent. And the money that could be saved totals to almost two million dollars. The Chico Unified School District has been desperately trying to close a 9-Million dollar budget deficit. " Our budget's in dire straights" Feaster said.
" There is a lot of information in this tentative agreement and we hope that we have a large crowd so that we have a good voice being heard as to what our members want to do" stated Bev Patrick, CSEA Chapter Secretary. The agreement, among other plans will include a lower pay scale for new hires and reduces the number of paid days for employees through the use of furlough days. The agreement will also provide CSEA members with the same medical plan contribution that teachers and management employees receive.
" We're hoping and we're encouraging our members to vote yes" Patrick said. The Agreement will in no way bail out the budget, but many hope the new deal will benefit all who are involved. " Everybody gives up something, and everybody gets a little something too and we all need to recognize that we're all in the same boat" stated Feaster. If both parties agree to the new plans, the modifications will take affect July 1st.


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