CSUC students will be able to take $60 class for bike and board tickets

Apr 8, 2015 7:43 PM by Brian Johnson

Chico State students will soon be able to take an online class instead of paying a hefty fine for riding their bike or skateboard on campus.

Chico State Police Chief Robyn Hearne said the class will cost $60 and save students money.

It will also save her department money, as she said they have to pay hours and hours of overtime to officers that go to traffic court.

But perhaps most importantly, she said students will learn the rules and why they were cited.

"Most people believe they're in charge of their bikes and they're in charge of the control of their skateboards," Hearne said. "The reality is they're not in charge of what other people are doing around them."

She said the program should start by late May, and the goal is to reduce bike and board violations and complaints on campus.


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