CSUC Grad tickets being sold on Craigslist

May 9, 2014 8:39 PM

Chico State graduation is one week away, and university officials said the practice of selling graduation tickets on websites like Craigslist is putting a shadow on what is supposed to be a free and celebratory event.

“[I was] pretty baffled by the prices on there and how many people were actually selling tickets,” said Chico State graduating senior Brian Ellis.

Tickets are going anywhere from $50-$100 for Chico State commencement day tickets.

But Ellis just sold four Sunday tickets for $100 total.

“I didn't feel quite as bad, but at the same time I had to do what I had to do,” Ellis said.

What he had to do was sell those Sunday tickets in order to buy one $75 ticket for his fiancées graduation on Saturday.

“Saturday has more graduates,” CSUC spokesman Joe Wills said. “Sunday…because we had more room in the stadium, we released more tickets in the stadium.

Alaina Fryrear made sure she was logged on at 9am Monday morning to get some of those.

Because, she said, this new limit on tickets has been a hassle.

“My family had already made arrangements five months prior to graduation, [like] hotel arrangements, flights in from Texas…”

University Spokesman Joe Wills understands that frustration, but reiterates the change was made for safety reasons inside University Stadium.

They'll keep attendance at roughly 8,500, which is the same number of seats inside the stadium.

For overflow, there will be screenings at both Harlan Adams and Laxson Auditoriums.

People are even selling tickets for those locations on Craigslist.

But for anyone who does decide to sell or buy, Wills urges caution.

“The ticketing system is a very smart system,” Wills said. “It will know every single ticket and so once that ticket has been scanned, additional copies will not allow entrance.”

So hypothetically speaking, if someone were to sell fake copies of their ticket, things could backfire.

“So if you made extra copies, you may think ‘I have the original,’ but in fact the copy could get scanned first and then you won't be allowed into the stadium,” Wills said.

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