CSUC assault victim's boyfriend speaks out about brutal attack

Mar 9, 2015 5:45 PM by Brian Johnson

A Chico State senior is recovering in the Sacramento-area after being the victim of a brutal assault early Saturday morning.

At around 2 am, Raelynn Vincent was making the short walk home from her boyfriend's house on 3rd Street near campus.

At the corner of 3rd and Ivy streets, a red Passat (with a Florida license plate including the letters B and I) pulled up, harassed her, and then a Hispanic man got out of the passenger seat and punched her.

Raelynn's boyfriend said the man showed no hesitation when he punched his girlfriend of more than a year, which tells him a lot about what kind of person the man is.

"He doesn't care, I mean maybe he's done it before," said Sean Flannery, also a Chico State senior. "Or I mean he could have been under the influence of something, who knows? But [it] pretty much tells me he has no care for women, what they stand for, [and] just that general rule you don't lay your hands on a woman."

Raelynn's family is pleading any other witnesses to call Chico police.

Yesterday, she had surgery on her broken jaw, and will be on an all-liquid diet for five weeks.

Her sister said she plans to return to class after spring break, graduate, and then leave Chico.


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