CSUC Alcohol & Drug Conference

Apr 18, 2013 8:25 PM

A conference at Chico State on alcohol and drug abuse prevention has drawn students, staff and faculty from throughout the state.
It's program of the CSU Chancellor's Office, with all 23 CSU campuses taking part ... as well as University of California and Community College campuses.
258 people are registered.
Coordinators say it's a way to share information about what's working, when it comes to fighting what's become a national "epidemic" ... 18 to 25 year olds who do high-risk drinking and drugs
Shauna Quinn is the Conference Coordinator,"Our main goal is to educate our new students who come to campus, they're most at risk in a new environment. Although some do have drinking experience, when they get to college they have more availability and social opportunity to drink."
Quinn says there's plenty that can be done, and the focus is on educating Freshmen on signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning, what to do if a friend is in trouble, and how to practice "responsible drinking."
Freshmen are also educated about the fact that law enforcement takes a zero tolerance approach to underage drinking in our community.##


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