CSU Chico Police investigating email scam targeting students

Jul 11, 2014 1:25 AM by Vanessa Vasconcelos

We've all seen phishing scams, but this one is targeting students. Overnight, Chico State students received an email from University police, warning them of the scam.

it started with online job hunting. Two students from Chico State received an email on their school accounts offering employment with a nationally known company.

The students were never interviewed, required to show proof of eligibility to work, or signed documentation. Both received packages which contained checks for large amounts of money.

They were then asked to deposit the checks, keep a portion for themselves and wire the rest of the money to another account. When they tried to back out via email, the scammers threatened them with legal action and loss of their student status at CSUC.

University Police do not want to release the names of the victims or the business that was involved, but want to make sure the Chico State students don't fall victim to this scam.

The accounts used to email the students have been blocked from contacting the Wildcat email system.

The University has an internet security program to try to address internet threats. On their website they post hundreds of scams that have been sent to the CSUC email.

While the investigation is ongoing, the University urges students to educate themselves on how to identify a scam. The students realizing something didn't look right ultimately saved them from committing a crime by depositing those fraudulent checks.


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