CSU Chancellor Visits Chico

Mar 13, 2013 7:48 PM

The new Chancellor of the California State University System paid a visit to Chico State Wednesday.
Timothy White is a graduate of Fresno State.
Prior to his new job as CSU Chancellor... he served as Chancellor at U.C. Riverside.
He told reporters today he plans to visit all 23 CSU campuses before the end of the year ... because he wants to learn what is unique about each one as part of his "shared leadership" approach to the job.
Chico State is his fourth stop.
White said, " I want my decisions to be informed about what it means to students and to faculty and to the community, not just saying go left when we should be going right,and so that means consultation."
White is the seventh chancellor to lead the CSU system. which is the largest four-year public higher education system in the country.


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