Crossbows Believed to Be Used in Humboldt County Attacks Found

Sep 12, 2013 3:35 PM

Yesterday Humboldt County Sheriffs returned to the scene of a bizarre attack near Eureka and discovered two crossbows believed to be the ones used in the murder and attempted murder earlier this week.

According to their press release today, they were located in a heavily wooded area and were found “in a condition as if they were discarded.” The make, model, and type of crossbows is not being released. The crossbows were found about 150 yards from where the deceased and wounded victims were found Sunday afternoon near the intersection of Hwy 255 and New Navy Road.

Deputies first arrived at the scene Sunday after a 911 call for an injured man lying on the southbound shoulder of HWY 255. Deputies found the injured 41-year-old man had suffered three crossbow wounds; one a grazing scalp wounds and two to the hip and shin. He was later treated and released from the hospital.

Deputies found the deceased victim in a wooded area roughly 200 yards west of the injured man. The suspects, eventually identified as Phoenix Triton King, 20, and a 16-year-old girl whose name hasn’t been released, fled the scene before they could be arrested. The two were arrested Monday afternoon.

Both suspects have been arraigned in a Humboldt County Superior Court on murder and attempted murder charges. The Sheriff’s Department still suspect the two carried out of the attack because they believed the victims may have stolen items from their transient camp. King's next court date is set for September 26.


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