Criminal defense attorney in Redding wants thief prosecuted

Oct 21, 2014 7:59 PM

It's a tale of irony -- a criminal defense attorney seeking justice for a man who allegedly robbed a woman in Redding -- and got away with it.

John Kucera had just gotten out of federal court on the morning of October 7th, when he noticed a man roughing up a woman on East Cypress Avenue.

"All of a sudden I hear horns honking...then I see a black male shoving a young lady and getting aggressive with her...I said something isn't right here..."

The Redding-based criminal defense attorney snapped a photo of the man who allegedly robbed the woman of all her belongings in broad daylight.

"It was obvious she was distraught, and she was telling him to give her stuff back."

According to Kucera, the female victim was standing by an antique shop when the suspect approached her, hit her, then took off with her bag.

"I took several videos of him...once on East Cypress...and the other by the City Hall."

Kucera took matters into his own hands and followed the suspect, who he says casually walked past the Big 'O' Tires, onto the Cypress Street Bridge and all the way past City Hall.

"I called dispatch twice, and I don't understand why they weren't catching on..."

According to Kucera, police didn't respond until about a half hour later, when the suspect had already disappeared out of sight.

Later that day, Kucera called Redding Police for a third time, requesting to speak with the investigating officer.

"I showed him the picture, he said I don't know his name but he looks familiar...he's one of the AB 109ers..."

Kucera says he understands police never pursued the suspect and didn't retrieve any of the items he stole from the female victim.

He says it's only a matter of time before criminals realize there's no more jail space, and police departments are extremely understaffed.

"It's gone from fear of consequences to no consequences at all."

Action News Now spoke with Captain Moore of the Redding Police Department Tuesday - he says they haven't been able to speak to the investigating officer, and they are looking into why he did not pursue the robbery.


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