Crime Up in Willows

Jun 13, 2012 7:30 PM

The Willows Police Department highlighted last year's crime statistics; and while arrests are down, the number of assaults, burglaries and thefts are up. The overall calls for service increased since 2010, they are up by more than 400 calls. There is a slight rise in traffic accidents and a decrease in DUI arrests. The number of domestic violence and narcotics arrests went way up.. Which Chief William Spears says is directly related to the lack of police officers available.

Spears says he hopes funding will increase next year. He says, "We want to try to maintain some level of where we're at with the services. But we're also looking at several grants and if we're successful with those grants it will enhance our ability to provide services."

The Willows Police Department has applied for four other grant packages; one to fund traffic safety and another a federal grant for an additional police officer position. They currently have just 10 officers, that's down from 13 in 2009.


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