CPOA fails to file campaign finance disclosures

Oct 24, 2014 8:19 PM

The Chico Police Officers Association has endorsed Andrew Coolidge, Mark Sorenson, and Reanette Fillmer for Chico City Council. The names were released after the CPOA hosted a political forum October 13th whiich the officers paid for at a cost of more than $100.

The forum was after the first campaign disclosure due date October 6th. The second filing date for any political contributions made between October 1st and 18th was Thursday, October 23rd. The Association still had not filed any financial disclosure statements.

In addition, Action News Now learned the city clerk's office is missing all but one of the CPOA's 2012 filings which was also an election year.

City Council Member Randall Stone says the purpose of filing dates are to make elections transparent.

"The whole mission and objective in the spirit and the letter of the law is so that the voters know who is contributing to campaigns, how much they are contributing, and insinuating what that influence might mean." says Chico City Council Member Randall Stone.

Stone says regardless, of whether there were financial contributions or not, the endorsements require the CPOA to file.

"If they have engaged in any politics, if they have endorsed candidates, if they have held forums, if they have expended money in the campaign." says Stone.

We reached out to CPOA President Peter Durfee who told us they have hired someone to file their missing paperwork this week. .

Action News Now has also learned the city clerk's office has contacted the Fair Political Practice Commission regarding the missing 2012 filings. Late filings could result in penalties or fines.


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