CPD uses app to help return stolen property

Mar 22, 2016 9:48 PM by Darren Leeds

Property thefts are an everyday occurrence in Chico and the Chico Police want to help people recover their stolen property with their new app.

The Chico Police Department encourages the public to record important serial numbers and photographs of valuable property in case it is stolen. Using the app to photograph valuables is quick and greatly increases the likelihood of getting property returned to its owner. In the event that one of your items is stolen, a person can email the information directly to the Chico PD to make a report.

Nelson says, "With petty thefts on the rise these days, bicycles thefts, electronics, GPS out of cars. If people had those serial numbers, they would have a better chance of getting their property back."

Nelson says if property isn't on file with its serial number, it makes it hard to prove that the property was actually stolen. The app can be found in the iTunes and Google app stores by searching "Chico Police Department."


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