Covered California enrollment in Shasta County

Dec 13, 2013 7:22 PM

Shasta County has been making the push to get residents enrolled with Covered California.

"We're estimate that over the next three years, we could have over 25,000 people in Shasta County enrolled in some kind of health coverage," Shasta County Health and Human Services Agency Community Education Specialist Anna Champe said.

That's the current number of people who do not have health insurance.

With Covered California, county officials are hoping that number changes.

In Shasta County, there are a number of options to aid people with enrollment.

There's a call center set up for phone inquiries, as well as face-to-face support in several locations, including the Shasta County Department of Social Services building on Breslauer Way.

"If that seems like a daunting process, all that paperwork, we also have what we call our community health advocates and they're available to help with that paperwork process," Champe said.

With Covered California being so new, there are people enrolled who are concerned about their new coverage.

"I used to have options for my son and now I'm being told where I have to go, and I'm really not a fan of that, because in my family it's been a medical history that second opinions have saved lives, and now I'm not entitled to my second opinion," Ivan Schreder said.

In Shasta County, there are many resources to help with enrollment, such as Caring Choices and Women's Health Specialists.

You can also call Covered Shasta at (877) 652-0731 for more information.


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