Covered California deadline approaches

Mar 31, 2014 7:41 PM

Despite months of warning, people are still trying to figure out exactly what Covered California is all about.

"ObamaCare is really Communism 101. It's saying to the people, you must do this, without saying that," said Shasta County resident Phillip Owen.

In Shasta County, insurance agent Leslie Williams is working against the clock to enroll clients, helping to address any last minute concerns.

"We just got through on the phone and been on hold with the agent hotline for about an hour now. So hopefully we'll be able to get in there," Williams said.

There will be an extended application completion period, but that's only for people who have started the process.

"As long as they create an account and apply and save that page, they have actually until 11:59 April 15 to select a plan, and then they do have to make a payment in order for the benefit to begin May 1," said Shasta County Health and Human Services Program Manager Shannon Kelley.

Due to high traffic, the Covered California website is moving slow, so it's anticipated people will be trying to enroll up until the deadline.

Health and Human Services officials estimate 12,000 Shasta County residents have already enrolled.


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