Courtroom outburst from Quentin Bealer

Nov 17, 2014 8:28 PM by Angela Musallam

Drama in a Tehama County courtroom Monday morning, with an outburst from a murder suspect.
It happened during Quentin Bealer's "change of venue" hearing -- he's the man accused of killing 14-year old Marysa Nichols of Red Bluff.

The outburst appeared to have come out of the blue, just as the judge was wrapping up with the hearing --
Quentin Bealer began speaking out of turn, and as matters escalated, he was escorted out of the courtroom.

Action News Now cameras were rolling, as Quentin Bealer threw a raging fit against Judge Garaventa and District Attorney Gregg Cohen.

Bealer began yelling obscenities at the district attorney calling him an "expletive" joke and accused him of planting his DNA on Marysa's clothing.

"His outburst was beyond what's acceptable in court."

According to Bealer's attorney Shon Northam, his outburst stemmed from the DA's decision to hold off on picking a county for his trial.

The judge announced Monday morning that Yuba and Sacramento counties were willing to accept Bealer's transfer.

"I think "Q" is frustrated, he's been sitting in custody for a long time...there's certain parts that take a long time. It's a murder case and these things don't get wrapped up quickly. It's not like he stole a candy bar from Walmart and there was video."

When the district attorney told the judge he needed more time to make a final decision, Bealer lost it.

"If the case is so rock solid, what does it matter where we file the case? Honestly, if you're so confident in your case, why not agree somewhere?"

Northam wants the trial moved to Sacramento County, where he practiced law for more than ten years.
Cohen says Yuba County is closer to home than Sacramento County, and is more convenient for the victim's family.

"There's a lot more than our comfort level that goes into the decision that we'll let the judge know we make. So really, the victim's family and input from law enforcement will be the two determining factors for us."

The defense and the prosecution will go back to court on December 1st.
If both sides can't decide on which county to hold Bealer's trial, the judge may set yet another hearing before he makes his final decision.


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