Counterfeit Bills at Yard Sales

Jul 21, 2013 6:15 PM

An Oroville woman was the victim of a counterfeit money scheme that happened at her own yard sale. Anita Bishop lost seventy dollars from a counterfeit one hundred dollar bill. She told us that she was in absolute shock that something like this could happen. This was her first time hosting a yard sale, and she also told us that she plans on never having one again.
Just like any other yard sale, she wanted to get rid of some her things. The yard sale was supposed to start last Saturday, but on that Friday the unexpected happened. She says a man approached her, acting very eager to buy a saw, a television, and a chair.
She decided to sell the items and in return the man gave her a one hundred dollar bill. Later that day, her son took it to the bank and found out it was a counterfeit bill. Bishop reported the incident to Oroville Police immediately. Although she was able to provide a description of the man, she was disappointed when she found out that she's unable to get her money back.
So what does this mean for other people who plan to have yard sales? Be very cautious about the money you accept. As for Anita Bishop, there aren't any yard sales in her future. However, she wants to inform other people about her experience. A few useful tips for those who plan on having yard sales, never accept checks and any bill over a twenty.


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