Councilman Randall Stone changes vote on Esplanade roundabouts

Apr 20, 2016 2:13 AM by Darren Leeds

The Chico City Council voted last week to accept a safety study that would put two roundabouts on the Esplanade.

Now one city councilman is changing his vote, saying that's what his community asked him to do. Councilman Randall Stone notified Chico City Manager Mark Orme that he is rescinding his vote in support of roundabouts for the Esplanade safety improvement project.

Stone says he is fully in support of the effort to make Esplanade accessible and safe for pedestrians and motorists, but those changes will have to happen without roundabouts. Stone says he doesn't want to force tax payers into paying for something that is clearly opposed.
Stone says ultimately he just wants to make sure the residents of Chico have their voices heard on the matter.

Stone says, "So I'm avoiding the cost of the community that doesn't want to put out an initiative referendum and I'm avoiding the cost of a costly vote since I know that's not necessary. So we're going to have to, as community, together find out the ways that we will mitigate the dangers on the Esplanade without using roundabouts."

If the city council agrees to accept his rescinded vote it would mean the idea of a referendum is moot. Stone says his close work with the ADA community here in Chico also helped influence him changing his decision. Stone also says the grant funding the city is applying for would not be affected by the decision against the roundabouts.


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