Cottonwood Neighbor Dispute, One Man Shot

Nov 4, 2013 7:29 AM

A Cottonwood man is recovering a gun shot wound to the leg after a neighbor dispute.
Shasta County Sheriff's Deputies responded to a house on Frances Street around 6:30pm Sunday night, where they found Patrick Martinez Jr with a non life-threatening wound to his calf. Police say the Martinez family and their neighbors, the Ware family, have a long standing conflict.
According to reports, Noel Ware went out into the street to confront Martinez Sr. and fired his handgun twice, missing both times. Martinez Sr. ran to his home for cover.
Martinez Jr. was in the front yard at the time. He ran to take cover when Ware fired two more shots. Martinez Jr. was hit in the left calf. He was taken to the Hospital.
Ware was arrested and booked into Shasta County Jail.


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