Cottonwood family displaced after sewer line explodes

Aug 14, 2014 8:41 PM

A family of four in Cottonwood has been out of their home for a week, after a toilet explosion contaminated most of their property.
A crew with the Shasta County Department of Public Works was flushing out a sewer line near Bruce Bennett's home, and didn't realize they had gotten too close.

"I was sitting in my living room, watching television and I heard a noise and ran into the bathroom...that's where it was coming from."

Bruce Bennett had no idea what just happened inside his Cottonwood home.

"It sounded like a rocket or a jet coming from my bathroom..."

And he wasn't prepared for the messy scene that was to come next.

"...and with the added pressure, it just blew to the ceiling."

It turns out the Department of Public Works was doing routine maintenance on a sewer line, and got too close to Bruce's lateral line.

All the carpeting inside the home had to be removed and the entire bathroom has to be demolished.

"Once the builders came and said we had to be out, we called the county and they provided us with a trailer."

"It's horrible, it's been an emotional wreck."

Bruce's wife, April, is heartbroken that now she can't take her two daughters back-to-school shopping.
It's one of those rainy days, and she says she'd rather be safe than sorry.

The Department of Public Works is apologetic about the whole ordeal -- they're working with the Bennett family to restore everything that was damaged by the sewage.

"Right now they're ordering materials, and they're going to strip the dry wall, prep the floors...carpet, paint, sheet rock..."

The home still needs to be tested for asbestos and bacteria before any work can take place.
The Department of Public Works anticipates the Bennett family to move back in over the next two weeks.


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