Corning print shop owner loses business to fire, no insurance

Mar 17, 2014 7:17 PM

The owner of a Corning print shop returned from out of town on Sunday to find his business destroyed by a fire. Monday, he said he did not have any insurance.

Steve Turner told Action News Now he was in Susanville when he got a call from a random stranger saying, “Your building is on fire.” His response was "Are you serious?" and then the caller hung up.

Melodie Poisson, who co-owns a internet service shop near Turner’s, and was on her way to church with her mother when she saw flames.

“I said that fire looks like it might be in Corning,” Poisson said. “Then I said oh it's on Solano. And then I said it's by the shop…it might be our shop. Then I got really close and I said Mom, I think that’s our shop!” Richard Craig was just leaving Safeway, and thought he saw a brush fire on the edge of town.

“I just couldn't believe the amount of smoke and flames coming out of there,” Craig said.

The flames were so high that Melodie Poisson's husband thought he saw part of their internet service company's transmitter melted. But there was no damage to it.

“It was 30 feet high flames, and the fire department was here and they were very diligent in dumping tons of water on it and getting it out,” Poisson said.

The water was being dumped onto Adman Printing, owned by Steve Turner.

The damage was devastating.

But the flames, which started in the rear, were well contained by Corning's Volunteer Fire Department.

They just barely spread to the vacant building next door.

Corning's Fire Chief Martin Spannaus said the blaze caused an estimated $140,000 of damage.

Turner told Action News Now that the most important thing is nobody was hurt. He also credited Corning Fire for doing a good job handling the fire.

Spannaus told Action News Now this afternoon that he met with Turner today, and didn't find any hazardous chemicals at the scene.

He said there was one report of someone leaving the scene yesterday, but they don't have any reason to believe foul play was involved.


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